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🕺 Classy Bougie Ratchet. If you’re not chopping your own bangs, chances are you’ve either mastered or at the very least heard of, “throwing it back” (we don’t judge). Tiktok which allows users to post 15-second quirky videos has topped two billion downloads. The vast majority of Tiktok’s traffic is attributed primarily to Indian users, accounting for 30.3% of installs, followed by China with 9.7%, and the U.S. with 8.2%. With over 315 million downloads this past quarter, the social video giant has set a record for the most amount of downloads ever within three months. While the platform has seen unprecedented levels of popularity and exponential growth in their user spending, TikTok has laid down a successful foundation for the short-term, but will this retention last post-crisis, or is this the peak?

The Stats

  • Lifetime user spending rose to $456.7 million, doubling what the app had generated when it reached 1.5 billion downloads just a couple months ago

  • TikTok attracted over 12 million unique U.S. visitors in March (including my mom – things could get weird) for a total of 52.2 million users

  • Time spent within the app also surged 10.8% in March, totaling eight hours per month



🤡 How Much Of The Internet Is Fake? Turns out a LOT more than you’d expect. According to a study early this year, more than 40% of web traffic is non-human. Recently, researchers at NYU had discovered many Instagram groups with thousands of members exchanging likes and follows with each other (deemed engagement pods). This form of boosting engagement on users’ posts helps trick the algorithm into increasing the visibility of those users’ to the public.

The Facts

  • Instagram replaced their old algorithm, which displayed content in chronological order, with one that prioritizes posts that the algorithm believes will be of most interest based on your past behavior 

  • Research indicated that nearly two million posts had been exploited, with over 100,000 members taking part in engagement pods


  • With many engaging and manipulating one other’s postings, this fake engagement helps boost real organic growth. The users are now replacing the “bots” and Instagram’s algorithm can’t determine who is who


🔊 ITS LIT! said 27.7 million players who attended Travis Scott’s in-game performance via Fortnite, the second virtual concert Epic Games has hosted. Fortnite is the only game thus far that has offered such a unique experience to its players. Perhaps, Fortnite may be the only game that could pull such a thing off? It’s clear that even though the concerts may seem corny, many still enjoy the Astronomical experience.

Who Benefits?


Travis Scott

  • According to Alpha Data, Travis Scott’s listening streams had increased by 26%, and hits such as “Stargazing” topped 50% ahead of the show

  • The concert contributed to the hype of “The Scotts”, a new teased single that only Fortnite attendees could witness

  • “The Scotts” had the biggest global streaming debut, accounting for 7.5 million plays, surpassing Billie Eilish’s “No Time To Die”


  • Topping the charts on free games to play by revenue in 2019, Fortnite’s revenue was a ridiculous $1.8 billion which primarily consisted of in-game cosmetic upgrades known as “microtransactions

  • While capitalizing on this increasing trend by offering limited edition Travis items, emotes, and more, Fortnite’s live event further helped boost activity to players who have drifted to other multiplayer games

*For You Playstations Nerds: PS5 Might Have Leaked

*If you didn’t get a chance to attend the concert, you can check it out here


🚀 Tesla To The Moon, Or KABOOM? Tesla has had a very interesting year from a 52-week low of $176.99 and a high $968.99. Tesla shares, relative to the broader market which is at a loss of 14%, are up nearly 65%. And yet, on Friday morning, Elon Musk tweeted that he believed his stock price was “too high.” Within minutes of the tweet, shares fell by nearly 12%. On Wednesday, April 29th, Tesla reported earnings of $16 million in the first quarter (9 cents per share vs. GAAP loss of $4.10 per share a year ago). These earnings are quite impressive given the difficulties the auto manufacturer has been facing given supplier shutdowns, as well as lower consumer discretionary spending. Now, the big question is whether Musk will deliver his target of 500,000 vehicles by the end of this year?

What To Look Out For

  • Second-quarter numbers are anticipated to be worse than expected, with the second half of the year nearly impossible to interpret or predict due to uncertainty of the duration and impact of the virus

  • Model Y delays affect plans as it was projected to outsell every other vehicle according to Musk, and was part of his plan to boost deliveries globally by more than 36% this year

This next quarter is going to be very interesting with many unknowns. Although Elon may not accomplish what he says in time, he always delivers, and his product always exceeds expectations!

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Drake – Dark Lane Demo Tapes


Travis Scott- “The Scotts”


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